Gestures go a long way, and decorating the grave of your loved ones can be a wonderful way to remember their life and give back to those who touched your life in a meaningful way.

However, most people aren’t exactly swimming in grave decoration ideas. So if you know you want to take some time to decorate a grave but don’t know how quite to start, keep on reading, and we’ll work it out together.

decorate a grave

Ask first

Before you put into practice any grave landscaping ideas, you should ask for the cemetery’s policies. Cemeteries are, after all, privately owned land, and some of them can be pretty strict on what they allow visitors to do on their premises and their graves.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a cemetery that doesn’t allow visitors to leave flowers or the like on a grave, but more elaborate arrangements or remodelling could be forbidden depending on the fine print of your local cemetery.

So before you go out of your way to set up an elaborate decoration, it’s better to play it safe and ask the staff what decorations they allow; that way, you won’t be playing any risks.

Classic decorations

First and foremost, let’s go over some classic cemetery grave decoration ideas; these are tired and true ideas that provide both aesthetics and meaning, after all.

Fresh flowers are, of course, the first pick that comes to everybody’s mind. Flowers have universally been a way to show our sympathy and affection, and they are usually easy to find near cemeteries. However, you can take it one step further: All flowers have meaning and sentiment behind them, so you can make a personalized bouquet that shows what that person meant to you.

If you’d prefer a timeless display, artificial flowers are a good option; they provide all the advantages of natural ones while requiring zero maintenance. That means that your perfect show will always be present.

Candles are common in graves, but they don’t last much, so they tend to be better for a specific visit or event. Last but not most miniature photographs and letters can make for powerful mementos of the time you spent with that particular person.

Creative ideas

If you want to take decorations to the next level, we have some great ideas for you, and the best part is that most of these are easy to pull off while being long-lasting on top of that.

Adding lights can help a grave feel welcoming and well-cared for at any time, so we recommend solar lights for ease of installation and use. Many cultures associate meaning with rocks; specific rocks or formations can make a grave a unique sight while simultaneously hiding powerful meaning behind a decoration.

Flags are also a common sight and can help people remember what someone stood for in life. Last but not least, a plaque can be an elegant way to leave a powerful message at a grave, and they are a favourite for a reason.

In Short

Decorating a grave can be a lovely way to show respect and affection to those who left us behind, and as such, taking the time to set up some decorations is always a good gesture.

Whether you go with the classics like flowers or try out unique stuff like solar lamps, there’s no right or wrong way to decorate a grave. What matters is your choices have meaning and, of course, that your local cemetery allows it, so make sure to ask ahead of time.

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