Home values are a serious matter if you own a home. Whether you live in it for a few years or decades does not matter. The home’s value is an essential consideration when doing any improvement project. A well-maintained, beautiful garage door can increase the home’s resale price. Therefore, deciding between repairing versus replacing the garage door should not be taken lightly. This blog shares the important elements to consider when deciding between the two.

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The fault

Are you considering repairs or replacement because of a fault? First, determine the problems with the garage door. Some faults are minor, requiring little maintenance and replacing some components. But others require discarding the door for a new one.

The damage extent

As mentioned, some damages require minor repairs, but not all. Severe damage to a component, like a panel, may require replacement. In some cases, replacement is much more cost-effective than repairs, especially in cases where the repairs come at frequent intervals.

The door’s age

Is the garage door relatively new? Do you keep it properly maintained? If yes, repairing instead of replacing is good enough. On the other hand, if you have used the door for many years, it may have experienced several repairs. In this case, replacement might be more cost-effective.

Safety and Security

The garage door is the most frequently used door in some households. It should be safe and secure. Therefore, consider if the fault/damage compromises safety and security. Also, consider the extent of the fault and whether repairs can thoroughly solve the problem. In most cases where the damage poses a risk, replacing the door is the best action rather than repairs.


When choosing between replacement vs. repairs, consider the cost. More importantly, think about the most cost-effective option. You want to avoid being “penny wise, pound foolish.” Some faults are expensive and may require another repair after this one. It would be better to replace the door in such a case. If you have noticed the garage doors needs frequent repairs, replacing it might be the best option to save costs and stress in the future.

Common garage door faults for repairs

The following garage door faults are easily solved with repairs:

  • The garage door suddenly stops working – check the remote batteries and call a professional
  • Difficult to open/close – the door is unbalanced. Some components may need replacement.
  • One damaged panel – replace the faulty panel.

In summary, your garage door may need replacement if:

  • It is old and has undergone several repairs.
  • Several panels are damaged.
  • It requires frequent repairs.
  • There are safety or security risks
  • The energy bill has increased so much.

The decision to replace or repair your garage doors depends on several factors. We have explained the important things to consider in this blog. However, it is best to get a professional to access the door and recommend the best step. A well-maintained garage door can only benefit you whether you sell the house or continue to live in it.